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Picked up this RS5 about a month ago

posted Wed, 20 Nov 2013 11:39:28 -0800", in *cars

I picked up this RS5 about a month ago and have put on about 1500 miles since. I previously had an V8 S5 and was initially worried that the RS5 would be too similar. After owning it for a month, I can definitively say that it is a completely different beast. I love it. Anyways, the color is Suzuka Grey and it's lowered with H&R coilovers. Wheels are 20inch HRE P40.

Pics from when I picked her up:




How she sits today:




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Wiki now enabled for editing!

posted Mon, 11 Nov 2013 10:14:44 -0800", in *cars

I've enabled the wiki for editing by users who have an account older than 6 months and have more than 100 karma in /r/cars.

I haven't really put much in it, but that's the point of a wiki! You guys can contribute what you believe will be useful to the community. Of course mods have final say but unless there's obvious trolling, law-breaking, whatever we'll stay out of the way.

As always, helpful hints below and in the sidebar.

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